Family Law Mediation

MEDIATION is a process in which a couple agrees to negotiate their disputes with the help of a neutral third party.  In family law matters, mediators are not required to be Family Law attorneys, although it is most often helpful if they are.  Also helpful is the use of a co-mediator who is trained in family systems or financial matters.  Mediation can occur with or without and sister

The process of mediation is completely voluntary.  If one party does not agree with the alternatives or proposals created through the process of the mediation, no agreements are reached and the process ends.  Mediation seeks to create agreements between the parties that can later become the Orders of the court in that couple’s case.  Statistically, divorcing couples who have reached settlement of their issues outside of litigation are more likely to follow the agreement  made and avoid ongoing and expensive post-decree issues.

Mediation is often all that is needed to help a family settle unresolved issues.  This firm offers mediation services as well as consultation to advise on mediations that are upcoming or have already occurred.